15 Worst Ever English Football Kits

13. Manchester City: Away 1994-95

Manchester City have traditionally used black and red stripes as an away shirt for many decades, but questions were raised in 1994 by the addition of what appeared to be mesh shoulder pads onto an otherwise perfectly good shirt. Even today fans are at a loss to explain such a design, though the shirt has cult status and can be bought by collectors for no less than several hundred pounds. This is a great example of how memorable and iconic shirts, no matter how bad, can become collectors' items; in fact sometimes the more notorious they are, the more money they are worth, since few people actually owned any. Any of the shirts on this list could fetch a fortune if kept in mint condition, but this shirt particularly. Manchester City rarely produce a truly bad kit, even less so that they now have a multi-million pound deal with Nike, so this attempt which tickled the funny bones of fans during the rollercoaster ride that was being a City supporter in the 1990s, is now virtually priceless.

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