5 Players Most Likely To Leave Chelsea This Summer

Chelsea need to lose one non-homegrown player this summer, but who should it be?

Having made several outstanding signings over the summer, Chelsea find themselves with a packed and outrageously talented squad. The only problem is, it's a little too packed for its own good. As any Football Manager player knows only too well, the Premier League sets quotas on the number of foreign players allowed to be submitted in any club's squad for the season. The limit is 17 and Chelsea currently find themselves one over the limit, meaning they'll either have to sell someone or leave them languishing in the reserves, which isn't any use for anyone. All of this begs the question: which non-homegrown player should Chelsea sell? Everyone in the Blues' squad either is a world class talent or has the potential to be, meaning Jose Mourinho faces an anxious choice before the end of the month. Of course, certain candidates stand out more than others - and those candidates might include a certain Spanish centre forward - but aren't necessarily the easiest to shift due to a number of complicating circumstances. Fortunately, Mourinho and Roman Abramovich now have a handy list to refer to come decision time, so sit back and prepare yourself as we sift through the pros and cons of the five players most vulnerable to leaving Chelsea before the transfer window closes.

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