8 Things You Need To Know About XFL 2020

The failed football league is back. Here's why.

Alpha Entertainment LLC

Earlier today, WWE Chairman and CEO Vince McMahon made an announcement that would've been unthinkable until a few weeks ago: the XFL, long considered one of his career's biggest embarrassments, is coming back.

McMahon's last foray into professional football was a shambles. Kicking off in 2001, low TV ratings saw the original XFL canned after just one season, costing Vince $35 million on his initial investment. It remains a source of mockery to this day, but it'll return to our screens in early 2020, with 8 teams contesting a 12-week season.

This has been on the cards since mid-December, when McMahon formed Alpha Entertainment LLC to facilitate the league's return. He has since sold over $100 million in WWE stock to fund the venture, and now, after a 25-minute press conference, the news is official.

There's a lot to unpack here. Vince divulged plenty of information during the video's Q&A section, but was deliberately vague in a number of key areas. Still, he covered everything from Colin Kaepernick to how the XFL's return will affect his WWE role, shedding new light on this major business decision.

Let's tackle the key points.

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