How the Olympic Ceremony Should Have Been Directed

Modern London

While much appreciation was shown towards the introductory Industrial Revolution segment, I just found myself rewinding back in time to the once boring history classroom I used to study in. A rather blunt start to what most expected. Maybe if instead of the past Britain had focused more on the present right away the global population would have taken much more interest. Much to my amusement, while the British clearly knew the Mr. Isambard Kingdom Brunel, it seems the audience of USA seem to get confused why legendary president Abe Lincoln was being portrayed at the international event held in Britain. As much as its importance in the development of Britain, the Industrial Revolution act was dragged on too much. More entertainment was needed, more action taking place, more colours than just a dull green needed to be shown to the world. London, the global city should've been shown. Danny Boyle needed to use the tag-lines €œthe joint leading financial centre in the world€and €œworld's most visited city€ to increase the reputation of the Canary Wharf skyline and rival it towards the likes of Manhattan, Beijing, Toronto etc. An approach to the multicultural side of London would've also been brilliant. Not only would it have made Britain proud but also would've increase awareness globally why London was known as the majestic city it is. All the more, this would've also seen a great range of colours come into play in the first opening act. A great start to a great event.

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