Sunderland Transfers: 5 Reasons Fabio Borini Is Worth £14m

In a world where Ross McCormack costs £11m, why is anyone even questioning it?

Upon the announcement over the weekend that Italian international and part-time wizard Fabio Borini was close to sealing a move to Sunderland, a debate has been ignited in the Twitterverse as to whether this really represents value for money, and if the footballing world has once again gone stark raving bonkers. Certainly on first viewing the fee seems excessive, however if the likes of 27 year old nearly man Ross McCormack can command £11m fee to seal his move to Championship side Fulham, then perhaps it isn€™t as outrageous as first thought. This is certainly backed up by the fact that the initial cost will only be a meagre £10m, and if we are lucky enough to have to pay the remaining £4m, it clearly means things are going swimmingly up in SR5. The transfer also represents an excellent piece of business for Brendan Rogers on Merseyside - especially if he reinvests £8.5m of it in Loic Remy - and with Borini unlikely to feature for Liverpool over the course of the next campaign, the Northern Irishman is sure not to lose too much sleep over the loss of his forward. As a result, the transfer suits both parties, but as you will see, it may be Sunderland who benefit the most out of this high value deal, despite those accusations of uneven value...

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