King Arthur


12 Bafflingly High 2017 IMDB Scores You Will Not Believe

The general public can't be trusted.
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Win! King Arthur: The Legend Of The Sword On Blu-ray

3 copies to give away!
By Laura Holmes

Guy Ritchie's King Arthur Pushed Back To 2017

*Internet shrugs*
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Idris Elba Will Train Guy Ritchie's King Arthur

Thor and Luther star will play a "Merlin-like figure" who trains Arthur and mentors the future king of Camelot. …
By Matt Holmes

10 Biggest Movie And TV News This Week (Feb 1)

Who could have foreseen Zack Snyder hiring an infinitely more controversial casting choice than Ben Affleck's Batman in his Batman vs Superman movie? …
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10 Famous Film Heroes Who Totally Failed In Their Quest

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