10 Most Overrated Episodes Of Star Trek

9. The Inner Light

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The Inner Light was produced in The Next Generation's fifth season, written by Morgan Gendel. It details one of the most profound, affecting, and ultimately traumatising events in Jean-Luc Picard's life. So, one would assume that it would play a major role in his story going forward.

One would be incorrect.

To be fair to the episode, this lack of legacy is a victim of the period of television in which it was produced. So, why does that place it on this list? The Inner Light is often cited as one of the perfect Picard episodes, and here's the twist - it truly is. However, for something that receives such universal acclaim as this, for it to receive the adulation that it had - it lands here due to the show's frustrating lack of follow-up.

Consider this - The Best Of Both Worlds seems to get a mention every second Tuesday in Star Trek, while the Dominion War left an impact on the Alpha Quadrant for years to come. Now, if we narrow the view to only those episodes dealing with characters - we still land on The Best Of Both Worlds. In effect, the Kataan Probe was the benevolent mirror image of the Borg, taking control of Picard and forcing him to live another person's lifetime.

Perhaps if it had been shown the same love by the production team as the fans had visited on it, it wouldn't find itself on this list here.

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