10 Actors Pissed Off By Their TV Character Deaths

1. John Fiore (Gigi Cestone) - The Sopranos

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You may not know the name of Sopranos character Gigi Cestone (John Fiore), but you'll almost certainly remember him as the mobster who died on the toilet after having a massive heart attack during the show's third season.

Actor John Fiore was devastated by not only the news that Gigi was to die, but also wasn't too pleased about the manner in which he went out. Fiore said:

"I took it like a death. I begged [creator David Chase], I did, I pleaded for my life. He told me it was a call he hated to make but he'd vowed not to sacrifice the master plan for a character, no matter how much he liked him. I didn't believe him, but that's what he said."

As he considered his career following his character's unfortunate departure, he said, ''I'm done with being a crapped-out Soprano. I'm ready for the next step."

Thankfully Fiore has continued to earn regular work as a character actor across both TV and movies, no matter that to many Sopranos fans, he'll always be the guy who died on the bog.

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