10 Actors That Were So Bad They Had To Quit TV Shows

It takes a good actor to act like they're not acting.

The O.C. Marissa Mischa Barton

Some people just weren't born to act and sometimes it takes featuring in a TV show for them to realise. From hit TV shows that were renewed for 11 seasons, to shows that only lasted one season, they've all featured some actors who couldn't keep up with the rest and had to bow out. A lot of the time there's a reason given by the individual's publicity team, but we all secretly know why they won't be appearing in the next season.

Unfortunately for us viewers who have to sit through the awkward acting, success and talent don't always go hand in hand in the world of TV. Just because that person appears in the hit TV series does not mean that they got there using raw talent and skill. A lot of the time we see actors being cast in these shows purely because of who they know, their good looks, or from being in the right place at the right time.

For these actors, keeping up the act just wasn't possible with all of the bad reviews and ratings. Maybe it's time they quit their day job...

8. Mischa Barton - The O.C

The O.C. Marissa Mischa Barton

There are a number of rumours as to why this member of The O.C left. Some may say that her acting skills had something to do with it but the star herself puts it down to a number of behind the scenes issues and the feeling of being overworked by the producers.

In a public statement, Mischa Barton said that it would be best for her health if she left the show. The goodbye on set would have been a cold one as most of the cast didn't get on with her. When asked about it, show creator Josh Schwartz puts the exit down to a clash of interests, creativity and ratings. Basically, nobody got on with her and the fans weren't really enjoying the character.

The character that she played was the "It Girl" and the role would have boosted Barton's career significantly. So, when her character was killed off in a car crash, fans were a little puzzled as to what was going on with the storyline. Since then there have been a few statements which have shed some light on the matter, and we've all had time to process the series and some of the bad acting that went on in it.


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