10 Actors Who Got Kicked Out Of Their Own TV Shows

Just because you're the star of the show, doesn't mean you're untouchable.

Gina Carano Fired

If you were to stand in front of 100 actors in a room and offer the first person to touch the wall behind you the chance to star in their very own TV show, you would resemble a very stupid pancake in a matter of seconds.

After all, what thespian wouldn't want the promise of steady work and their face front and centre when it comes to the latest smash hit on the small screen? However, even when an actor is gifted with the responsibility of leading the TV charge, that still doesn't mean they're entirely safe from the chop should they say or do something wrong in the eyes of those paying their wages.

Bringing a child into the world at an inconvenient moment, thumping a producer in the mug, and some rather serious allegations are just a few of the things that have ultimately led to some of the most notable stars from a television series being given their P45s.

Though some of the reasons behind these terminations are more understandable than others, each leading performer on this list all eventually suffered the same fate; A swift exit, followed by their former show moving in another direction entirely.

10. Lisa Bonet - A Different World

Gina Carano Fired
NBC/Carsey-Werner Productions

After being given her own spin-off series from The Cosby Show by the name of A Different World, it looked as though Lisa Bonet had the world at her feet.

Then, in the time between shooting the first and second seasons of the programme, Bonet became pregnant with herself and husband Lenny Kravtiz' child. Despite producer-director Debbie Allen thinking it would be a good idea to incorporate the pregnancy into the show, Bill Cosby didn't feel the character of Denise Huxtable should become pregnant as a student at Hillman College. So, this eventually led to the character of Denise dropping out of college, going back home to her family, before eventually travelling to Africa in season five of The Cosby Show as a way of hiding the actor's real-life pregnancy.

A Different World would head in a different direction following Bonet's departure, focusing more on the other characters in the show. Bonet would then return to The Cosby Show full-time following the birth of daughter Zoe Kravtiz, before again being booted from a Cosby related show at the end of season seven, this time due to "creative differences".


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