10 Actors Who Spoiled Huge TV Deaths

These actors totally gave the game away.

Better Call Saul

Spoilers are a serious currency in the entertainment world, particularly when it pertains to character deaths, because divulging who is next in line to bite the big one can have a serious impact on how fans en masse engage with a piece of media.

And this is arguably no more a big deal than in TV, where fans have often spent dozens of hours of their lives getting invested in this story and these characters, enough that a beloved character death is genuinely something to mourn.

But every so often the thrill of the surprise will be tainted somewhat by an overly chatty or telling cast member who tips their hat to future events a little too blatantly.

In the case of these 10 actors, each ended up spoiling a huge death in their TV show - whether their own character's demise or that of another.

Perhaps they straight-up spoke it loudly and proudly on national TV, heavily implied it months ahead of time, or even slipped up and tweeted out a picture confirming the death.

Whatever the means, these actors all ended up spoiling significant character deaths in some of the most popular TV shows around...

10. Mischa Barton - The O.C.

Better Call Saul

The O.C.'s third season concluded with the shocking death of one of the teen drama series' main characters, Marissa Cooper (Mischa Barton), who is involved in a serious car accident and subsequently succumbs to her injuries in sometimes-boyfriend Ryan's (Ben McKenzie) arms.

Well, it would have been shocking had Barton not spilled the beans literally hours before the episode premiered in the U.S. 

Barton was interviewed by Access Hollywood the day before the scene was due to air, where she flat-out said, "It’s true, it’s true. My character dies... My character has been through so, so much and there's really nothing more left for her to do."

And so, while Barton's potential departure from the show had been whispered about for months - due to the actress apparently wishing to pursue film opportunities - ruining the surprise so close to go-time naturally left many of The O.C.'s hormone-addled fans absolutely baffled.

Then again, considering how divisive Marissa's death was among the fandom, perhaps this was a merciful case of giving them a little heads-up.


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