10 Actors Who Trashed Their Own TV Shows

9. Kate Chasing Men Around On Lost Irritated Evangeline Lilly

Jenna Ortega

During her early days working on what would become one of the most popular series on the planet, Evangeline Lilly actually felt that her character of Kate was "kind of cool."

But that feeling didn't last, and as the show went on, she soon began to realise that the folks writing it were taking her character in a direction she wasn't exactly the biggest fan of.

On top of claiming on The Lost Boys podcast (via E! Online) that she thought Kate became "more and more obnoxious and predictable" as her story unfolded, Lilly would also admit that the fact the Lost character went from being an "autonomous" figure to one who simply chased around men on-screen "irritated the sh** out of (her)."

Things got so frustrating for the star whilst working on the sci-fi epic that she recalled launching scripts across the room after reading them and seeing the increasing lack of her own story being told on the pages.

Lilly still did all she could in later seasons to show her strength, though, and would actually admit that some of the things that did annoy her - like Kate chasing after Jack and getting caught by the Others - helped show how her character was flawed and that even iconic on-screen women didn't have to be perfect.


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