10 Actors Who Turned Down Star Trek

Del Toro? Robin Williams? Who else said no to one of the biggest properties in Sci-Fi?!

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Space, the final frontier - but not for everyone.

There are so many actors who would jump for joy at being offered a role in the iconic Star Trek franchise. The series is one of the most famous brands in the world of TV and Cinema, so anyone who becomes a part of it gets massive amounts of exposure - and not just to photon torpedoes. With all the prestige and acclaim that the property has, why would anyone say no to it?

Well, there are a litany of reasons as to why actors might need to step away from a project. Sometimes it's their own decision but, on other occasions, it's a result of conflicting agreements and complicated behind-the-scenes wranglings. Whatever the reason, these following actors were offered positions in the epic series - some as guests and others as major characters - but all of them declined.

Although Star Trek certainly hasn't seen any backlash from losing out on these performers, it's still incredibly fascinating to look back and imagine how the world of Star Fleet (and beyond) might have looked had these brilliant personalities agreed to be a part of it.

10. Robin Williams Was So Close To Appearing

Star Trek Khan Thumb

It's no secret that the late great Robin Williams was a massive fan of geek culture. The legendary comedian even named his daughter after the classic Legend of Zelda series, and therefore it's not surprising to learn that he was a big Trekkie. However, unlike other fans who dream of visiting the USS Enterprise, Williams was actually offered a part in Star Trek: The Next Generation. Sadly he turned it away due to scheduling conflicts.

In season five episode nine "A Matter of Time" of Star Trek: The Next Generation, you are introduced to the strange and eccentric Professor Berlinghof Rasmussen, and it'd be hard to blame you for thinking that the role would have suited the comedy megastar perfectly. It turns out there's a reason for that, as the role itself was written for Williams, thanks to his well-known passion for the franchise.

Sadly, he had to pass on it as his shooting schedule for the Spielberg classic Hook forbade it. Looking back on the episode, it's easy to see how Williams would have nailed the role. Although Matt Frewer did a solid job, this could have been one of the best guest appearances in the entire franchise.


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