10 Amazing Horror TV Shows You Probably Missed

If you're looking for some chills and thrills these underrated horror shows hit all the right spots.


The world of genre TV is filled with renowned classics and modern gems. From the days of The Twilight Zone to the here and now with The Haunting of Hill House there have been countless series that either dipped their toes in horror or just full on submerged themselves in it.

When it comes to horror shows they either seem to become cult hits like Supernatural or pop cultural phenomenons like 'The Walking Dead'. Too many fall through the cracks out of public eye. While a fair amount of shows have die-hard fandoms, their dedicated audience has rarely been able to pull them out of the guillotine known as network cancellation for more than a couple of seasons. Other series aren't as lucky and fade away almost as soon as they premiered or get buried beneath the content mountain that is online streaming.

Whatever the reason may be for not garnering much attention doesn't really matter. The aim of the entries on this list isn't about explaining why they went unnoticed, but rather why you should give them a chance.

So, let's take a walk on the dark-side with ten amazing horror shows you probably missed.

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