10 Amazing TV Action Set-Pieces That Rivalled Cinema

7. Daredevil - Hallway Punch-up

Spartacus Fight

When Netflix picked up several street-level Marvel properties in 2013, many pondered how a darker crime-infused take on superheroes could hold up next to the massive presence of the family-friendly MCU event movies?

Well, all misplaced worries were put to rest in the third episode of Daredevil's small-screen reboot, as lawyer/vigilante Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) takes on an entire hallway of thugs in a realistic piece of bare-knuckle combat that channelled Oldboy over The Avengers.

It was a great piece of choreography that was both brutal and elegant. Regardless of the following season's attempting to top it (e.g. season 2's crazy, prolonged stairway fight), the first time takes the honour as the best - with the whole set-piece filmed in one flawless take too.


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