10 Amazing TV Action Set-Pieces That Rivalled Cinema

8. Black Sails - Naval Ambush

Spartacus Fight

This under-seen Starz show filled a void for viewers that wanted to have their pirate stories served up without a kiddie friendly rating and Johnny Deep prancing around like a drunk hobo. Shame so much of the show got bogged down by drawn-out conversation pieces - but when it came time to get to the action, the producers spared no expense at delivering.

This was displayed strongest in the Season 4 opener that featured the pirates at all-out war with the British government; Captain Flint (Toby Stephans) has his convoy suddenly ambushed in an act of betrayal - cannon balls, debris and bodies begin swiftly flying every which direction.

Some stunning practical production value and jaw-dropping underwater photography commence in a sequence that was filled with immediate and satisfying action - no goofy CGI Kraken need apply.


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