10 Anime Fates Worse Than Death

From Attack On Titan to Sailor Moon - which endings made death look like luxury?!

Attack On Titan

Death is terrifying, there's no eas way of saying it. The end of your life spells a climax to everything you know and love, and that's something that has been a permanent fixture in entertainment since we began telling stories. Thanks to this morbid fascination we have with death, it's seen all over TV. But, there are some rare cases where the finality of dying seems like heaven compared to the alternative.

Anime is a medium that's teeming with creative set-ups, unique worlds and uncompromising situations that feel like pure nightmare fuel. Despite the often bright and luscious colours, viewers have seen characters treated to some intensely horrifying fates that make a simple demise seem like a walk in the park.

Whether its an undignified ending to a specific character, an outcome of the world-building itself or just a mere by-product of the plot, these fates are something you wouldn't even wish upon your worth enemy. Unless, of course, you're a young anime protagonist on the hunt for revenge, in which case it'd probably be quite fitting.


This list will contain spoilers for the shows discussed.

10. Becoming An Infernal - Fire Force

Attack On Titan

One of the first lessons you learn in life is that fire burns, and thus you're taught as a youngster never to play with it. So what should you do if you literally turn into a flame yourself, in constant agony and with no way of putting yourself out? It seems you'd prefer that your life were over and done with.

Fire Force is a totally unique series that follows the titular firefighting force as they tackle governmental conspiracy and the supernatural phenomenon of Infernals. But, what is an Infernal?

Picture this: you're walking down the street, minding your own business, when all of a sudden it gets hot, too hot, so hot that you spontaneously combust, and your body turns into a fiery charcoal-like form.

But you don't die; you just keep burning and living in agony, as you lose all sense of normality and are driven to an unquenching fit of rage, in some cases even killing your loved ones.

This horrible fate is what the general villains of this story suffer from, as they are transformed into these hideous beasts, with their only salvation being a quick death at the hands of the Fire Force.


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