10 Awesome One-Off TV Characters

We only saw them once, but damn, if they didn't make an impression...

The vast majority of TV shows rely on guest stars, characters that the main cast can interact with and play off of. For some such as Kelsey Grammar on Cheers, a successful guest stint could lead to a far more substantial future, propelling the character and actor to the main cast and stardom. Others however may be restricted to the single episode, with the character making just one appearance in the entire run of a television series. That doesn€™t have to mean that they are forgotten; it is a testament to the power of television and good storytelling that if done right an episode of a series can be as memorable as any movie. As a consequence any character featured in such an episode could be remembered as a vital contributor to its success. We don't need to see a character for numerous years to remember them- all we need is a good performance and a well written script and that is enough. Let€™s have a look at 10 awesome one-off characters.
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