10 Awesome Sci-Fi TV Twists You Never Saw Coming

9. Westworld - Bernard's A Bot

Fringe FInale

A TV revamp of the distinctly seventies Yul Brynner vehicle, Westworld seemed like an odd idea when the mega budget series premiered in 2016. The original flick was successful enough in its time, an oddity famous for mixing Western and sci-fi iconography with its ingenious premise of a Wild West theme park wherein the main attraction is lifelike androids who naturally begin malfunctioning and killing attendees.

From the pen of Jurassic Park auteur Michael Crichton, the original film had its charms, but a reboot needed to do a lot in order to justify its existence. And that’s just what this HBO show managed with its mind blowing twist near the close of its first season, wherein we learned to our shock that Bernard, the show’s protagonist and apparent moral centre, was actually a robotic host this entire time—a fact he had no idea about either, mind.

Modelled after Arnold, the park’s co-founder, Bernard was the central figure around whom much of the series had revolved until this point, and the reveal made it clear that nothing could be taken for granted in this twisty, unpredictable adaptation.

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