10 Background Actors In Star Trek Who Got Themselves Noticed

Sometimes an actor may have been brought in for one thing and would end up becoming something else!

Star Trek Ayala

Star Trek has had hundreds of people walking the various halls and decks of the ships in the fleet. Some have been the strong and silent type (read as: the extras who were not being paid to speak) and some were brought in for short or even single day contracts.

This list is a mix of both because, in the grand tradition of the franchise, something that starts in one particular state does not always remain so. Some of the names on this list may cause an eyebrow or two to lift - they're a background actor? But - that is in fact how they joined this happy family of Trek.

Some other faces along the way may have remained simply as that - faces, hidden behind SAG rules to keep quiet when the cameras were rolling. That doesn't mean that they weren't noticed. Some of these quiet folk even commanded a ship from time to time, even if the regulars didn't really talk about it afterwards!

Some of the funniest stories from behind the scenes on Star Trek come from the experiences of the bit players and the short timers. Follow on with this list to find out some of the interesting tales of those who may or may not have gained the recognition they deserved.

10. Victor Bevine (Star Trek: First Contact)

Star Trek Ayala

This unlucky crewman was assimilated with the Borg partial takeover of the Enterprise-E in Star Trek: First Contact. In one of the montages in the film, Bevine's soon-to-be-drone tries desperately to re-tune his phaser rifle as a phalanx of Borg stalk toward him.

He appears here for two reasons. First, Bevine would go on to be a bit player in DS9, Voyager and Enterprise. He appeared in the episodes Things Past, Pathfinder and First Flight. This and his DS9 appearance came in the same year, making this something of his introduction to Star Trek.

The second reason he appears here is that this film was released in 1996 and, in 2020, he is still instantly recognizable because of that facial expression. The man doesn't have a line of dialogue and manages to stand out from the rest of the crowd.

Kudos, Mr. Bevine. Kudos.

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