10 Most Badass Power Rangers Ever

Let's power up!

Power Rangers This may come as a surprise to your childhood, but Power Rangers weren't always as clear-cut and goody-two-shoes as your parents would have liked them to be. In its (so far) twenty year history, there have been Rangers who've proven that, in terms of character, Power Rangers has allowed it to have some substance. Various Rangers who've fought for justice haven't always done so in obvious ways, leading to clashes with other Rangers. Some just can't see eye to eye with their comrades at all, and others start out on the road to oblivion, fighting the not-so-good fight until they see otherwise. But be warned - this article won't be just an excuse to let rip about the various additional sixth Ranger and beyond that often join the team. Sometimes, even core team members of the various Power Rangers have shown their darker side, or just have a personality that doesn't exactly meet their evil-bashing, justice-protecting requirements as Rangers. Lets ponder then over ten of those Rangers, who've shown us that the road to justice doesn't always mean being the good guy, being a team player or being a decent role model for the show's target audience.

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