10 Best "B" Plots In The Simpsons

They may not have been the main focus, but these storylines stole the show in their episodes.

Mr Burns

The Simpsons' run between Seasons 1 and 10 is widely regarded as one of the greatest in television history.

The consistent quality of jokes, the balance of surreal humour and real-life drama, the huge cast of memorable characters, there are many reasons as to why these seasons of the show are so beloved. But something that made these episodes truly special was their use of "B-Plots".

A good B-Plot should be memorable in its own right - a story that will make you go "Oh, that's the episode where...". It doesn't have to be too long or too complicated; some of the plots on this list only take place across three or four scenes in their respective episodes. They just have to have great gags, character development, and memorable moments.

That's what all of these B-plots from The Simpsons' Golden Age delivered in abundance, whether they featured members of the Simpson family or any other combination of Springfield residents.

10. Happy Dude – Lisa’s Date With Density

Mr Burns

The main plot of Season 8's Lisa's Date With Density sees Lisa develop a crush on local bully and vest-enthusiast, Nelson Muntz.

However, whilst this is going on, Homer takes us on one of his trademark "Get Rich Quick" schemes, when he runs a telemarketing scam using an Auto-Dial machine.

The scam promises "eternal happiness" in exchange for one dollar, courtesy of "Happy Dude". Victims of the swindle include Grandpa and Jasper, who don't feel any happier even after sending the dollar; Ned Flanders, who ends up sleeping on the lawn because he refuses to unplug his phone; and Mr. Burns, who decides he'd probably be happier if he just kept the money.

This story is fantastic because it's a total contrast to the rest of the episode. It reminds us that Springfield is a world outside of Lisa and the schoolyard and various characters' interactions with Happy Dude perfectly show off the depth and development of the show's cast.

It's full off great gags too, like Homer chasing the machine after its creator, Prof. Frink, activates its homing device.

It also appears over the end credits when Homer uses it to dial everyone in town to apologise for scamming them. Of course, he also takes this opportunity to ask them to send him money, this time under the name "Sorry Dude".

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