10 Best "B" Plots In The Simpsons

9. Uncle Moe’s Family Feedbag – Bart Sells His Soul

Mr Burns

Moe's Tavern has been reinvented numerous times in the history of The Simpsons, but no makeovers have been as memorable or entertaining as when it became "Uncle Moe's Family Feedbag".

Whilst Bart is gripped with existential fear when he sells his soul to Milhouse, Moe decides to renovate his "danky" old bar into a family restaurant.

From the moment Moe decides to change up the bar, he is completely out of his comfort zone. Seeing the cranky old bartender attempt to be nice to kids and sit patiently whilst they eat searing hot "Million Dollar Birthday Fries" off his head is brilliant, because you know he's hating every second of it.

The TV commercial for the restaurant is pure genius, especially the final scene; Moe's horrific forced smile accompanied by the most gloriously awful jingle in advertising history.

Because it's Moe, the success of the new restaurant doesn't last very long. The stress of staying happy all the time finally proves too much for him and he snaps at a little girl. His customers then leave the restaurant in disgust.

Fast Forward to the end of the episode and Moe is back where he belongs - serving glasses of Duff in his Tavern.

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