10 Best Action Set-Pieces In Star Trek

Big Explosions, stunning CG and a jaw-dropping sequence of events.

Khan Spock

Star Trek is not usually known for big, visually indulgent setups however as technology has moved rapidly forward it has become an audience expectation.

A set-piece is defined as something that is "arranged in an elaborate or conventional pattern for maximum effect" and this is a franchise that's not short of heart-stopping, adrenaline-powered moments.

That's not just in reference to movies with millions of dollars riding on them but also on TV shows too. A lot depends on Star Trek's modern-day incarnations to satisfy both the established and new fans meaning it has to deliver on story and sumptuous action.

In previous generations there's been significantly more focus on the story and characters although there have still been some stunning sequences, memorable and thrilling. The detailed models of the 1990's may have given way to the data-heavy computer graphics of the 21st Century, but Star Trek has never failed through either format to produce exhilarating scenes that have only helped improve its legacy.

So it was key here to reflect all stages of the Star Trek experience within this set and it more than ably demonstrates you don't need a supersize budget to create an iconic, mesmerising sci-fi.

10. The Klingons At DS9; The Way Of The Warrior

Khan Spock

You can't ignore the parallels to the stand off with the Cardassian ships from the pilot, Emissary, when tackling the Klingons in The Way of the Warrior.

DS9 had been punching above its weight taking on three Galor Class Cardassian warships then, but this time she'd paid the electricity bill and was more than prepared. No duranium shadows here with upgraded torpedo launchers and new phaser banks all hidden within the structure of the Cardassian monstrosity.

The final battle not only includes some beautiful panning shots across and around the station, but also contains one of the series' most ambitious close quarters battles in Ops. In an unusual event, the station is invaded with the crew hand to bat'leth in a tense and decisive fight.

While outside the impressive arsenal is giving us torpedo-eye views of Klingon D-7s exploding and Birds of Prey dancing around the station's pylons, the interior is a bloodbath that only a fight with Star Trek's warrior race could ensure.

As a set-piece, the battle set the standard and expectation of the audience for not just the Klingon arc of season four but also a tease as to the events that would emerge in following years.


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