10 Best Action Set-Pieces In Star Trek

9. Retaking Deep Space Nine; Sacrifice Of Angels

Khan Spock

"They say fortune favours the bold... well, I guess we're about to find out."

Oh, what a way to end the most ambitious series of linked episodes (to that point) in Star Trek history. The loss and subsequent retaking of DS9 is a franchise peak without argument and the final charge to the station is a visual ballet from the USS Defiant.

The Federation fleet seems no match for the amassed Dominion forces, yet Sisko is determined to make it through the lines. Initially without the Klingons and outnumbered 2:1, Sisko picks at the Dominion with fighter wings before swooping through the fleet. Chased by Jem'Hadar ships, the Klingons drop in to help, helping punch a path through and ripping a Dominion Battle Cruiser to bits in the process. After an exhilarating chase, flanked by two Birds of Prey, the Defiant is free to jump to warp and head to DS9 on its own.

This is a set piece dotted through the first 20 minutes of Sacrifice of Angels that isn't just explosions but precision tactics - and maybe a hint of luck once the Klingons arrive late to the day.

Time to start packing?


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