10 Best Action Set Pieces In The Arrowverse

These stunning set pieces are just as epic as those found in the source material.

Arrow Deathstroke Felicity
The CW

Action sequences in the superhero genre come in a variety of flavours. From relatively grounded fisticuffs, to soaring powerhouses smashing through buildings and more cosmic/mystical forms of combat, viewers are not lacking when it comes to witnessing two or more costumed combatants duke it out.

Fortunately, the Arrowverse understands this and has seen a medley of action scenes through its near ten-year tenure.

Despite the budgetary and filming limitations of its host network, the long-running franchise has given us incredible bouts from characters such as Green Arrow, the Flash and Supergirl. These heroes and others have used their gifts in impressively creative fashion in order to win their fights, whether decisively or less so.

Its earlier seasons featured bone-crunching and high-flying action unlike anything seen on superhero TV up until that point, and while it has seen somewhat eclipsed by the competition in recent years, the Arrowverse still deserves some recognition for laying the groundwork for how to do superhero action on television.

From tightly choreographed brawls from master combatants, to clashes between physical gods and everything in between, these entries showcase the Arrowverse at its best in regards to action-heavy storytelling.

10. Kara Goes Up Against A Worldkiller - Supergirl Season 3, Episode 9

Arrow Deathstroke Felicity
The CW

Supergirl’s third season pitted the Maid of Might against Reign, a being born of Kryptonian sorcery that was fated to destroy the world, hence its secondary title: The Worldkiller.

The first eight episodes revealed that Samantha Arias was the alien destroyer’s human disguise, and each episode showcased her gradual descent into her worst primal instincts. This was despite the best efforts of Arias to regain control and avoid indulging her base tendencies.

All this came to a head in the ninth episode when Kara first encountered the villain in a spectacular clash with a level of scale that has not been seen in the series before and after the episode's release.

It was clear from the onset that Reign was Kara’s physical superior, and all the latter's own physical prowess and fighting skill could do was delay the inevitable. The battle reaches its boiling point in downtown National City and here audiences saw Kara at her most determined, despite being physically broken by the Worldkiller.


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