10 Best Actors On American Horror Story

Gore, sex and disturbing scenes, and these actors make it look good.

A year ago, American Horror Story fans were rolling their eyes at the prospect of Lady Gaga "replacing" Jessica Lange in the current season of the show - and I use the word "replacing" loosely as she was hardly replacing the queen of AHS - only to find that the queen of pop managed to pull off her role as The Countess quite well, after all. With 5 seasons of shock and horror, the series has been one of the most successful FX shows to date and there's no guessing why either. The actors are all brilliant and bring their own flavour to an already-spicy show, and they all know exactly how to make each role their own, and with so many different characters to portray on one show, that's a rather difficult task for an actor to do. Fans can gladly admit that the show's producers definitely chose well when they cast the first few faces for season 1's Murder House and every other recurring actor that they cast down the line.

10. Denis O'Hare

You might be mistaken in thinking that O'Hare starred in all of the American Horror Story seasons, but he was notably missing in season 2's Asylum. The actor, who is best known for his role in True Blood as as Russell Edgington, the vampire king of Mississippi, has pulled off a range of characters both on AHS and various films and TV shows. In AHS season 1 he played Larry, a crazy and burnt psycho, in season 3, he was Spalding, the mute butler to the witch coven and in season 4 he played the dodgy Stanley, who was a horrible con-artist - and he portrayed them all brilliantly. However, it was his role as Hotel's Liz Taylor that really opened our eyes to what a brilliant actor the star really is. Denis portrays the cross-dressing bartender with pure class, bringing fans to tears with Liz's back story and making us all wish we had a little Liz in our lives.

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