10 Best Animated Horror TV Shows Of All Time

Prepare to invest in some new underwear as we unleash the very best in animated horror.


It’s pretty safe to assume that if you’ve clicked the link to read this list then you already know that the animated horror genre is thriving. For decades we’ve been treated to feature length frighteners that kept us up at night, but in todays market, where TV is much more of a cinematic experience than it once was, there is also a ton of terrifying television shows out there to sink your teeth straight into.

Whether you’re into more traditional, hand-drawn animation, or marionettes and CGI are more up your street, there is literally something for every taste, and thanks to streaming services like Netflix and Crunchyroll, these gravely gems are available to consume in all of their gory and gruesome goodness.

So why not make yourself (un) comfortable, lock the doors and turn on all of the lights because things are about to get a little bit … unnerving. Prepare to invest in some new underwear as we unleash upon you our pick of the 10 Best Animated Horror TV Shows of All Time. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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