10 Best Animated Horror TV Shows Of All Time

9. Parastye

Netflix Castlevania
Madhouse Inc.

If body horror is your idea of a good night in, then besides investing in some strong therapy, you might also want to check out Parasyte, which is currently airing on Netflix.

The series follows Shinichi Izumi a shy high school student whose right hand becomes possessed by an alien parasite named Migi. For 24 glorious episodes we experience the symbiotic relationship the boy develops with the creature as it begins to take full control of its host.

Sounds weird right? That’s because it is, but Parasyte is also an extremely clever alien invasion story that is as fun to watch as it is difficult to swallow.

Unfortunately, though, if you’ve not quite had your fill of seeing grown men have their heads bitten off, then you’re probably going to be disappointed to learn that a second season of the show will likely never happen, as both the TV series and the original Hitoshi Iwaaki manga end at the same point in the story.

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