10 Best Animated Horror TV Shows Of All Time

7. Extreme Ghostbusters

Netflix Castlevania

There are very few animated shows on television, no matter the genre, that can hold a candle to The Real Ghostbusters. But apart from the odd moment here or there, such as the introduction of characters like Samhain and The Grundel, no one could ever truly argue that the show was actually scary.

That all changed in 1997 though, when Bohbot Entertainment spotted a gap in the market, fired up the containment unit once more, dusted off Ecto-1, and rebooted the franchise as the edgy, less comedic Extreme Ghostbusters.

Gone was the childlike wonder of yesteryear, replaced instead with much darker stories, some with familiar faces albeit much more terrifying. In stead of jokes about Slimer’s eating hobbits we were instead left dumbfounded as characters referenced horror movie villains such as Chucky.

No, these weren’t the Ghostbusters we grew up with, but this was the rebranding the grunge era was crying out for, and the stuff of nightmares for kids all over the world.

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