10 Best Animated Shows Of The Last 10 Years

Animated and Amazing.

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If there's one genre that doesn't get enough respect, it's animation. Even today there are still large groups of people that see animation as something that's just for kids, that real shows and movies have to be live-action to be good and respected.

Which is extra crazy considering that animated shows continue to be some of the most popular and influential shows on television. They were back in the classic days of Bugs Bunny, they were back in the 90's with the Simpsons, and they are still proving how great they are today.

There are tons of animated shows that came out in recent years, as the appeal of being able to do anything in the animated format has inspired artists and writers to go wild, and this extra freedom and love is felt throughout the quality of the shows. Because of this, animated shows tend to connect to audiences in ways that other shows can't, and these shows prove how great animation still is in the modern era. With their humour, charm, and sincerity, these shows are the absolute best of modern animation as a whole.

10. Rick and Morty

Big Mouth My Furry Valentine
Adult Swim

You know, you'd have to have a pretty high IQ in order to put Rick and Morty on this list.

Jokes aside, Rick and Morty is a pop culture icon, and is definitely the biggest show on Adult Swim's lineup by a long shot. With sponsorships by Wendy's that actually saw some of the restaurants turn into "Morty's," multiple cameos and segments in other shows such as their couch gag in an episode of the Simpsons, and extra ridiculous real-world objects like the Rick-Mobile and a drone designed as Rick in his spaceship that actually went into space, Rick and Morty is huge.

And that's with good reason. With hilarious jokes filled with improvisation, sci-fi adventures and homages that'll make any nerd smile, and occasional but effective poignant moments, the show is a hit that's going to stay running for a very long time. Hopefully its high quality stays the same for years to come.

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