10 Best Battles In Buffy The Vampire Slayer History

9. Buffy, Riley And The Gentlemen

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Mutant Enemy

Hush is one of the greatest episodes of all time and grabbed audiences' attention by introducing one of, if not the single scariest villain in Buffy history -the creepy fairytale creatures with hideous grins, who steal the voices of a town so they can murder their victims with no worry of the screams being heard.

When Buffy learns the location of the Gentleman's hideout she goes along, ready to fight. Her mission is simple: destroy the box to restore the town's voices and then scream, because a human voice is the Gentlemen's weakness. When she arrives, Buffy discovers the creatures and their straight-jacketed henchmen as a big battle follows. Things only get more shocking when Riley appears and discovers Buffy already kicking butt.

Until this point Riley had no idea that Buffy is the Slayer and she had no idea that he's working for the sinister Initiative. It's a pretty awkward way for them to find out, when they can't even speak and ask what we're all thinking: "What the hell?!"

They manage to work together and destroy a box which returns all the town's voices. Buffy screams and kills the Gentlemen, but as soon as she and Riley get home and finally find a moment to talk about the revelations, all they can do is sit in silence.

This is one epic battle with an emotional and dramatic punch delivered right alongside it.


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