10 Best BoJack Horseman Episodes Of All Time

Why the long face?

Bojack Horseman Downer Ending

Six years ago a horse walked onto Netflix and changed almost everything - which was most likely the punchline pretty much no one expected to BoJack Horseman's setup all the way back in 2014.

When it first started, no one expected BoJack to be the groundbreaking TV show that it is now considered. Christ, most people didn't expect it to rise even one notch above average, let alone one day be up there in numerous 'Best of all Time' lists along with the likes of Mad Men, Breaking Bad, The Sopranos and The Wire.

But BoJack defied all expectations and ended up delivering one of the most honest, harrowing and brutal portrayals of depression and addiction that's ever graced the small screen - or even the big screen for that matter.

Couple this with the fact that it somehow managed to also be one of the funniest TV shows ever produced, as well as wrangling possibly the best work from each member of its stellar main cast, and it becomes difficult to see how BoJack was ever not going to go down in history.

It feels almost impossible to pick 'the best' of BoJack, given just how many instant classics there are. However, we all know that some of those suckers packed a gut punch like few others. Before we start, and since you're no doubt wondering: yes, there's a few episode elevens in here...

10. That Went Well (Season 3, Episode 12)

Bojack Horseman Downer Ending

Okay, why not kick things off with a funny one, eh? After all, not every episode on this list has to be soul crushing or emotionally devastating, right? Okay, fine...this is the only funny one.

BoJack will most likely be remembered for it's more poignant moments, and that's fair, but we should remember that it was by no means a show dominated solely by doom and gloom. This show was funny as all hell a lot of the time, and Christ no episode showcases this better than 'That Went Well'.

When it came to comedy, the BoJack writers had practically innumerable strengths at their disposal, but they were always at their best when playing the long-con - and wow was this a long, long con.

The astoundingly absurd payoff in this episode to an entire season's worth of setup is nothing short of exceptional. The only element that was even kind of registered as a setup for a joke at some point down the line was Mr. Peanutbutter's surplus of spaghetti strainers.

No one expected Sandro leaving Elefante...and the Secretariat ads...and the Cabracadabra orcas...and Pacific Ocean City...and Character Actress Margot Martindale's theft of BoJack's boat would all come back into play for one stupendously silly gag. Come on, what did we ever do to deserve a joke this good?


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