10 Best Cliffhangers Of Modern Doctor Who

Hold on to your sonic screwdrivers...

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The cliffhanger ending was a staple of the classic Doctor Who series, but one that has been used more spasmodically since the 2005 reboot. Chris Chibnall's first season in control arguably had no cliffhangers, a hangover of the choice for standalone episodes.

But this isn't to say that NuWho hasn't left us on the edge of our seats desperately waiting for the next week's episode to come upon us. Just like the classic series, the resolution of the cliffhanger hasn't always been perfect, but the actual moment has had us gripped.

From the return of an old foe to what appears to be the death of a companion, or even the Doctor himself, the conclusions to these episodes have got us coming back for more. Each of the current Doctors have managed at least one entry here, but Mister Tennant registers the most with six.

So grab your sonic screwdrivers, kick back and reflect on the greatest cliffhangers from the modern era of Doctor Who.

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