10 Best Doctor Who Episodes Written By Russell T Davies

10. Rose


The episode that rebooted it all. There was much anticipation around the return of the Doctor, and 'Rose' didn't disappoint. While the episode in and of itself is a solid rather than spectacular affair, the balancing act executed in Davies' writing is nothing short of remarkable.

For a start, the choice to place a down to Earth working class girl like Rose front and centre was extremely risky, but proved to be a great choice. This allowed new and old viewers of the show to go on the journey together with Rose, taking on each new experience as if it were our own.

The mystery element of who on Earth The Doctor was proved another excellent choice, making new viewers of the show engaged rather than excluded. Then there was the incorporation of an old Who villain, the Autons. This was a double dose of genius, as it kept the traditional Whovian crowd onside, while also providing a villain that children would find scary without giving them nightmares.

Every part of this episode is mapped to perfection, and with Eccleston and Piper having excellent on-screen chemistry, our favourite sci-fi show was flying high once more.

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