10 Best Female Antiheroes On TV

9. How To Get Away With Murder - Annalise Keating

Westworld Dolores

A highly skilled and talented lawyer, Annalise Keating doesn't quite have the same respect for the law as you would expect from an attorney of her calibre. Strong willed and a master at projecting a powerful presence, Annalise has to be in control of every situation she finds herself in, no matter what.

Annalise is willing to twist facts and tamper with evidence if it means she'll come out on top in a case, but her true questionable behaviour comes when she chooses to help cover up the murder of her husband who was killed by her students. In fact, covering up murders became more of habit for Annalise than she would've liked.

The incredible Viola Davis brings a kind of ethereal suspicion and mysticism to the role that won her an Emmy. Davis is fantastic in any role and she adds a lot of subtle layers to her portrayal. Annalise is morally corrupt but not entirely nefarious.


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