10 Best Female Antiheroes On TV

8. Buffy The Vampire Slayer - Faith

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One of the first instances of a female antihero, Faith was the third vampire slayer introduced on Buffy and instantly became a fan favourite due to her being the opposite of Buffy herself. Aside from the obvious difference in hair colour, Faith was free-spirited and lived a hedonistic lifestyle wherever she could.

Coming from a damaged past and carrying a lot of baggage, Faith would often shake off her responsibilities as a slayer and prove to have a similar influence on Buffy as well. In search of a father figure, Faith eventually falls in with the evil Mayor Wilkins which puts her into conflict with the Scooby Gang. Faith loses herself as she becomes a murderer who also inflicts torture on her victims. Angel is eventually the one who helps save Faith and she begins to atone for the terrible things she has done.

Now seeking redemption, Faith eventually finds her way back to Buffy as she helps defend Sunndydale and the world from the First Evil. Throughout her time on Buffy and the spin-off Angel, Faith remained iconic and easy to like even during her most dastardly moments.


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