10 Best Game Of Thrones Character Duos

Like Fire and Ice, every character needs their double...


Due to its large budget and ambitious source material, Game of Thrones was known for its massive scale. Lengthy expeditions, epic battle sequences, and endless political squabbles were at the centre of what made the show feel so huge.

Nevertheless, it was the characters that bound everything together. From the very beginning, Game of Thrones contained a considerable number of distinct personalities. Within the grim world of Westeros and Essos there were plenty of nasty and selfish individuals that did their upmost to achieve their ends. Yet there also arose a number of prominent duos.

Whilst some of the most enjoyable character exchanges were based around friendship or romance, other relationships captivated audiences because they were rooted in conflict. Many of the best duos, however, often had a number of dynamics to their relationship…

10. Sam And Gilly


Sam’s relationship with Gilly offered a welcome change of tone for Game of Thrones’ fans. Both John Bradley and Hannah Murray’s performances brought a genuine sweetness to the show. Despite being from very different backgrounds, the two of them bonded over their kind-hearted nature.

Yet they certainly weren’t weak when it came to protecting each another. Sam showed a different side to him whenever Gilly was under threat, even if he did get hurt in the process, and it was great to see Gilly stand up to Sam’s tyrannical father.

Sam and Gilly are easily overlooked within the huge cast of characters in Game of Thrones, yet their relationship made for a surprisingly captivating storyline.


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