10 Best Horror Anthology TV Shows

There is nothing scarier than a lack of narrative continuity!


Horror presides over a wealth of possibility. The chances for storytelling and scares are so varied that anything aiming to frighten its audience can be classified within it, no matter the sub-genre. Sci-Fi, Comedy even Fantasy, this style of storytelling can live in many places as the scope to scare is unending. This is likely why the concept of anthology horror works so well.

Many projects exist that create short terror experiences and compile them together. This has been seen in the film industry many times with great titles such as VHS, The ABCs of Death, Creepshow and more. But TV seems like the perfect medium for this to exist in. Thanks to the hour long episodic format the small scree can allow for maximum variety in its stories.

The ever changing nature of the episodes ensures that risks can be taken, as viewers won't be stuck with poor decisions. A bad episode doesn't ruin a narrative or a show in general as the next one will have no relation to it anyway. This is the beauty of episodic horror.

With Halloween beginning to loom in the distance now could be the best time to take a look at what could be your next spooky fix.


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