10 Best Horror Movies Starring Doctor Who Actors

Terror throughout time and space.

Everybody loves a good old fashioned horror movie. Such films are universally renowned for sending shivers up your spine, disturbing your very soul and, more often than not, making you live in constant fear of everyone and everything around you. But isn't that just what makes them so great?! With Doctor Who continuing to live up to its acclaimed mantra of traumatising an entire generation (Moffat! *shakes fists*), it's hardly a surprise that many of the stars of TV's longest running sci-fi series have been enlisted to lend their services to the realms of horror movies, too. Encountering a menagerie of the universe's most formidable foes certainly puts our honourable heroes in good stead to take on the shocks and scares that the horror movie genre has to offer. A Doctor/companion deserves a medal if they manage to step off the TARDIS with their mental state still in tact but, for some of them, the Whoniverse's menagerie of monsters just isn't enough. Prepare to be scared as you embark on our countdown of the 10 best horror movies that feature your favourite sci-fi stars in all their glory. Actually, make that "gory". Yeah, it's about to get very gory. Brace yourselves.
Doctor Who Editor
Doctor Who Editor

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