10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

8. Chucky (Season 2)

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Chucky's first season was one of last year's most pleasant surprises, proving that the most fertile ground for some beloved horror IP is on the small screen after all.

Its recently concluded second season showed an impressive growth and uptick in the ambition of its storytelling, delivering eight episodes of hilarious, ultra-violent insanity.

Chucky creator Don Mancini has impressively found yet more ways to enticingly weave the franchise's increasingly webbed lore into a satisfying and entertaining whole, all while smashing the fourth wall to pieces - especially in the season's masterful mid-season murder mystery episode.

Dripping with as much fan service as goopy gore, Chucky shows it's still got a ton of creative juice left in the tank, by paying respect to the franchise's past while taking it to some fascinatingly twisted and unexpected new places.

If some fans might decry the slightly scaled-back focus on Chucky himself at times, it's only in order to give Jennifer Tilly the floor to deliver the performance of her career - Oscar nomination be-damned.


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