10 Best Horror TV Shows Of 2022

7. Interview With The Vampire

Archive 81

Who among us would've ever expected that a TV adaptation of Anne Rice's beloved gothic novel Interview with the Vampire would rank among the best-reviewed shows, horror or not, of the entire year?

A smart, well-crafted improvement upon the entertaining 1994 film, this new take reimagines Louis de Pointe du Lac (Jacob Anderson) in the early 1900s as a closeted Black man rather than the white plantation owner from Rice's novel.

This lends the series a wholly different and frankly refreshing dynamic, even while the psychological core of the characters remains largely the same. The show also explicitly depicts the relationship between Louis and Lestat (Sam Reid) that was disappointingly only implied in the '94 film.

All in all this is a smart, bold, and times surprisingly amusing reimagining which reworks the moldier aspects of the source material into a compellingly current commentary on race, sexuality, and consent.

Beyond that, Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid are superb in the focal roles, in what must surely be the most pleasantly surprising TV show of the entire year.


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