10 Best It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Characters Only In One Episode

11. Honorable Mention: The Gang, But Black


In the Season 12 premiere, The Gang Turns Black, the Gang wakes up to find that (you’ve guessed it) they’re all black. Quantum Leap style, they only appear black in the mirror, and are the regular cast as we see them for a decent chunk of the episode.

However, alongside great performances from Danny DeVito and Charlie Day, who are both excellent with this high concept, the black Gang offer a perfect contrast to the regular Gang. They fit some stereotypes and play against others, all adding up for a wonderful one-off mix of personalities and characters.

This is very much a ‘greater than the sum of their parts’ deal, though. While the rest of this list will focus on individual hilarious performances, this episode was too good to exclude here.

Focussing on racism in America in an entirely Sunny way, the episode’s controversial theme and musical sensibilities mean it’s not for everyone, though it’s typically thought of as one of the better modern episodes.

Despite none of the alternate Gang standing up enough to be the one we can pin it on and say ‘yep, black Mac makes this episode great’, together the cast are worthy of inclusion.


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