10 Best It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia Episodes

Grab a tasty rum-ham as we go through a list of the best episodes of Always Sunny.


The average sitcom tends to run either way too long or too short, and thus far, It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia seems to be hitting the perfect spot. While not quite being in its peak anymore - although Dennis might disagree and say, "It hasn't even begun to peak" - the show is still very consistent and has not overstayed its welcome.

The characters are some of the most deprived people we have seen on screen, and thanks to this, the series has featured many shocking and hilarious moments that set it apart from other shows. Its deliberate efforts to show us jokes and scenarios unfamiliar to the sitcom formula are likely what keeps it so fun, despite its rather lengthy run.

With so many years on air, so many classic seasons and so many reinventions, it's not an easy show to whittle down to the ten best episodes. Consequently, entries on this list are informed by a combination of IMDB episode ratings, general internet receptions, and my personal opinion.

A minor spoiler warning is in effect, as this list will discuss some plot elements of the episodes featured.


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