10 Best Jobs Homer Simpson Has Ever Had

Homer’s had a lot of jobs on The Simpsons, but which ones rank as the very best?


Homer Simpson might seem like a pretty lazy worker, but that hasn’t stopped him racking up triple figures in terms of different occupations. When the 400th episode aired, Matt Groening said Homer had officially worked 188 different jobs. There’s been no official update, but seeing as we’re now at over 660, Homer has likely broken 300.

Of them, there’s been some massive hits and some pretty poor misses. Right now, we’re just focusing on the good times though. Homer gets a job has been a reliable formula throughout the seasons, and when they get it right, they really nail it.

Homer has been the central character since the early days, and episodes revolving around him are pretty common, so giving him a new job is a quick and easy way to freshen things up and get a new plot. It’s a trick which hasn’t always paid off, but it certainly did for these ten.

There’s a few jobs that Homer has gone back to, either in the exact same role or just in a similar field. For those, all versions have been mentioned, but the most famous version is a deciding factor in where they rank.

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