10 Best Leading Ladies On TV Right Now

New Girl Zooey Switching on TV nowadays, it's refreshing to see more actresses than ever taking on lead roles and portraying strong female characters. Thanks to the groundwork the likes of Sarah Michelle Gellar in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Mary-Louise Parker in Weeds and even Tina Fey's portrayal of Liz Lemon in 30 Rock cemented in years past, there is now an abundance of female lead characters on television. We've collected together 10 of our favourite leading ladies currently starring on our small screen and what's great is to see the high calibre of talent for playing both drama and comedy amongst the women on our list. Check out our 10 Leading Ladies On TV and see if your favourite has made the cut...

10. Kat Dennings (Max - 2 Broke Girls)

kat dennings Kat Dennings shares the top billing in the comedy 2 Broke Girls, but while her co-star Beth Behrs delivers a great performance as the former rich bitch and heiress Caroline Channing, it's Dennings's portrayal of Max Black that keeps is tuning in week after week. What we admire most about Kat Dennings as Max is that she manages to show her as a three-dimensional character. Yes, Max is sarcastic, straight-talking and cynical but Dennings does a great job at letting us, as the viewers, peek behind the curtain and see it's Max's tough upbringing that's made her this way. She's also compassionate, in the first episode she takes in Caroline and lets her stay at her apartment even though it seems like she cannot stand her, and her friendship with Earl, the elderly cashier at the diner where she works, lets us see a softer side to Max. That said, what we really love about Kat Dennings as Max on 2 Broke Girls is that she's a genuine strong female lead who works hard to achieve what she wants, a female archetype we'd still like to see more of on TV today.

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