10 Best Movie Parodies In South Park

OMG They Spoofed That?! You B******s!

South Park Silence of the Lambs Josh Myers
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Spoofing movies is one of the basic staples of comedy and South Park has been going down that route for a long time now. The show has earned itself a reputation for its merciless satire at the expense of anyone or anything, with no subject being off limits. Movies are certainly not going to be the exception to the rule, not least of all because they provide so much material to work with.

Movies have a surplus of ridiculous, eccentric, outlandish, or just poorly executed ideas; be it through the plot, sets, costumes, aesthetics, or bizarre acting choices. That's before you even get into the childish and egotistical behaviour of the celebrities involved. Whatever angle you approach it, there's always something to fuel a joke or even the plot for an entire episode.

It's a safe bet that with an almost inexhaustible back catalogue of movies to satirise, as well as all the potential from future releases, they're unlikely to slow down any time soon; long may it all last. As there are well over 300 episodes, that means there's an awful lot of movies that have been referenced in the show's history. But here are ten of the best parodies the South Park team has ever committed to our TV screens.

10. The Wizard Of Oz

South Park Silence of the Lambs Josh Myers
Comedy Central

Given the original Wizard of Oz movie is over 80 years-old, and the subject matter is so vivid in its imagery, it makes sense that nearly every comedy show has done a spoof. Futurama, The Powerpuff Girls, The Muppets; countless sketch shows have all paid tribute too.

"It's Christmas in Canada" sets itself apart from the rest. Rather than simply recasting the show's characters and doing a one-to-one recreation, the show uses the formula as a template.

The boys find themselves trying to rescue Ike from the Canadian government and must travel to see the Prime Minister of Canada. Their journey mirrors that of Dorothy's, making Canada more like Oz to emphasise the perceived weirdness of the country. Instead of a "Yellow Brick Road" the boys follow "The Only Road". Instead of a scarecrow, tin man, and lion, the boys help a mountie, a French Canadian, and a Newfoundlander. Naturally, the whole thing is a mad cap scheme developed by Saddam Hussein.

We also get to experience Cartman's high pitched, hysterical crying for mummy for the first time.

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