10 Best Movie Parodies In South Park

9. Akira, The Terminator And 2001: A Space Odyssey

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Season 4's "Trapper Keeper" dealt with the issues surrounding the Presidential election ballot count in 2000. It also looks at the far more serious prospect of a Dawson's Creek trapper keeper growing sentient and taking over the world.

If that premise sounds familiar, that's because it mirrors Skynet's evolution in the Terminator franchise, before it took over the world. The episode also features a time travelling cyborg named Bill Cosby sent to kill Cartman and stop his device.

That's just the framing device too, as the trapper keeper begins to merge with electronic devices it finally takes over Cartman, turning him into a hideous, gigantic blob. It's exactly what happens towards the end of cult anime favourite Akira, everything but the cheap shots taken at Rosie O'Donnell is ripped right from the movie.

In order to stop the trapper keeper creature, Kyle must sneak inside to deactivate the CPU. This scene plays out like 2001: A Space Odyssey when Dave sabotages HAL 9000 and even has Cartman doing the creepy voice.

This is a great episode that manages to throw some top sci-fi fan service into a poignant episode about tolerance between warring voting factions.

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