10 Best Netflix Shows Cancelled After One Season

Those Netflix offerings unfortunately axed after just one solitary season.

I Am Not Okay With This

Any TV fan can give you their own heartbreaking story of a show they deeply loved, only to watch it get the axe after only one season. It’s a tale as old as time, but streaming giant Netflix seems to do it a lot.

Because of what appears to be their ‘fail fast and try out a lot of different things’ approach, a whole mess of shows get greenlit but few stand the test of time to be granted season after season. Unless you’re Riverdale, for some reason.

Whether we’re talking sci-fi romps, coming-of-age comedies, musical dramas, or deep German period mysteries, no creators or genres are safe from Netflix pulling the trigger on a cancellation. In some cases we weren’t surprised or even upset to see them go, but each of the shows on this list had a loyal fanbase who would have loved to see a second season.

Steel yourself with whatever you used to make it through the Firefly cancellation because you’re going to need it, as we shine a spotlight on ten Netflix shows unfortunately axed after just one solitary season.

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