10 Best New TV Shows Of 2018

9. Succession

Succession HBO

Another summer hit, although this time for the U.S, it almost didn't happen for Succession. The family drama, about a media oligarch and his family who'll be inheriting the business, started off extremely slow. The first few episodes were a little too plodding; the characters a tad too unlikable; the obvious real-life basis (i.e. the Murdochs) rather on-the-nose.

Once it all clicked, however, there was a real magic to the series. With more characters brought into play later in the season, and thus the chance to tell more intersecting stories rather than looking at the broader arc, it was able to get a lot more interesting. But it was also after a few episodes when the show's true nature became clear, and it really found its voice.

Created by Jesse Armstrong, who created sitcom Peep Show, the series plays much better as a comedy than it does drama; it's a dark, satirical, cutting, and hilarious portrayal of the media, power, and family struggles. Succession itself doesn't quite seem to know that at first, but once it does, it absolutely flies.


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